Lets make a healthier Pakistan

NationaL Movement

Pillars of the Movement

Tree Plantation

Plant saplings, afforestation and no deforestation 

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Solid Waste Management

Clean streets, public places, schools, pest control and waste segregation and treatment 

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Liquid Waste Management and Hygiene

Hand washing, hygiene awareness, mother-child health care and liquid waste management  

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Total Sanitation/Clean Toilets

Education on clean toilets, sewerage systems and toilet cleanliness and maintenance 

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Clean Drinking Water

Eliminate points of water contamination, treating water before drinking and control diseases caused by contaminated water 

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Upcoming Events


The second phase of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami will be starting from 9th February 2019. Let's plant in Pakistan, together we can make Pakistan Clean & Green

Clean Green Photo Contest 2019

The Clean Green Pakistan Photo Contest’ aims to capture the various issues faced by urban and rural communities when it comes to accessing clean water like walking for miles and spending hours just to access a few buckets of water or the severe health implications of consuming unclean water.

World Water Day

On March 22, an event to make personal connections that could help people living without safe water.