Clean Green Pakistan Photo Contest 2019

WaterAid Pakistan in collaboration with Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO) has launched a photography competition for World Water Day 2019. It’s an opportunity to witness and capture how clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene practices have a positive impact on an individual’s life, and how life is affected in the absence of these basic facilities.

‘The Clean Green Pakistan Photo Contest’ aims to capture the various issues faced by urban and rural communities when it comes to accessing clean water like walking for miles and spending hours just to access a few buckets of water or the severe health implications of consuming unclean water.

We encourage amateur photographers from all walks of life to participate and document strong, innovative and diverse visual narratives. We want the youth to tell how does water affect you and your community, and what is the change you’d like to make?

The theme of the photo project centres on bringing out the youth’s unique contribution to the development of the water sector, specifically in the following major activities;

(i) supplying water or accessing water, (ii) sanitation and water quality, (iii) water contamination and (iv) water management at household.

  • Photos taken can be of people, places, specific projects, or innovation that share a specific message on youth’s value addition to any of the activities highlighted in the theme.
  • Individuals who submit photos must be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Images must be original and taken personally by the participant. Previously published photos are not allowed. Permission to share the photographs for the competition by the subject is the responsibility of the participant.
  • Digital images should have a dimension of at least 2,000 pixels and be saved at 300 dpi in jpeg format.
  • Add a caption, in English, of no more than 150 words to explain the photo in the following format. Name of the person in the photograph/project, location, date, explain what is happening in the photograph
  • Each contestant can submit up to 5 photos.
  • WaterAid and SPO holds the right to use the photographs as per the organisation’s policies.
  • 1st,2nd and 3rd photographs will be selected on the following criteria: a) Relevance and/or interpretation of the theme; b) Artistic merit; c) Technical merit; d) Originality/creativity
  • The organisation reserves the right to disqualify any entry if the photographs do not meet the basic minimum standard.
  • The winner entries will receive prizes and showcasing at Clean Green Pakistan events.
  • An opportunity to exhibit on World Water Day March 22, 2019 in Lahore
  • The photographers will be made part of youth ambassador of Prime Minster Clean Green Pakistan Movement